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Many people are familiar with Jesus' brief interaction with a rich young ruler. The young man asks the good teacher, how does one inherit eternal life? The young man had done all that was asked of him, but he felt that there was something more. Jesus responded in love, that indeed the emptiness in his life could be filled with something greater. Thus, the task was given: sell all you own and give it to the poor. For up until this time, the story has always stopped here; the young ruler walks away dismayed, knowing that this would cost him everything. Jesus is then seen teaching that it would be like a camel through a needle for the rich to get into heaven. But, there's one iota; nothing is impossible with God. In the gospel of Mark, the very same rich young ruler is pictured, wearing only a loin cloth, chasing after Jesus who was just captured and being led to prison. The man was then vindicated before God. He is now known as the "Zealous Chaser." This is one of the greatest themes of the gospel. The Father gave his one and only Son, and the Son humbled himself, even to a death on the cross. More than being an artist name, it is a call to a generation of rich young rulers, that they too will witness the goodness of God in the present day, if they sell all they own.