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Matt Holmes and Randy Borawski of Charleston, SC based Youth Model, know a thing or two about South Carolina’s music scene and they’re ready to prove they belong in the front ranks. With a new single, “Outside Threat” released September 30, 2018 and performing shows around the Southeast, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way there.<br><br>

Youth Model’s origin story may be rooted in a family tragedy, but the band stands as proof that tragedy can often fuel powerful, thoughtful endeavors. When Matt’s cousin passed away in 2011, Matt stepped out from behind his drum kit where he’d been loyal rhythm-maker for other bands, and ventured into his first solo project, My Beating Heart. The project was an effort dedicated to his cousin who had “always supported his [Holmes] songwriting”. When attention and care is thrown into any project, you want what’s best for it and sometimes what’s best requires making adjustments. My Beating Heart’s shiny, sleek pop feel shifted when Holmes recognized the difficulty in recreating perfect, glossy pop in live performances. As a result, he began writing grittier, pop-rock songs—tunes that felt like a fresh start, tunes that begged to be brought to new life with other like-minded musicians. In October of 2013, My Beating Heart became Youth Model.<br><br>This is where drummer Randy Borawski comes in. Borawski is a Columbia, SC music veteran and co-host of Unsigned on the local radio station WXRY. Unsigned showcases local, regional and undiscovered talent. It was here that Holmes and Borawski met. If only all decisions could be made as easily as Randy’s decision to accept Matt’s offer to join the band. “He accepted on the spot,” Holmes said of the moment. Youth Model has consistently been playing shows and laying down tracks ever since.