From Your Last Descent

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Your Last Descent is a Post Hardcore/Metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. The band started when I (Avery Evans- Vocalist) was kicked out of my previous band, To Such Great Depths. I knew instantly that I wanted to keep the dream alive so I spent most of the summer of 2011 looking for the appropriate members to make this band. I posted craigslist ads and statues on my Facebook page to get the message out. Eventually, I found guitarist Devon Williams, singer J.T. Foster, guitarist Patric Cento, and drummer Adam Smith. Our first band practice was on August 28th, 2011. After a few weeks of practicing and establishing our sound, we played our first show at my friend's backyard. We soon saw that Adam Smith's drumming style was not the right style for us, so had to let him and go, beginning a new search for drummers. When he had our first drum audition, our singer J.T. Foster showed us what he could do on drums. We knew instantly that J.T. should play drums for us.