From Young Lungs

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Young Lungs is an upstart indie rock band from Pittsburgh, PA. The band’s cohesion is a consequence of the members’ willingness to leave everything behind and pursue their dream of playing in a band. This commitment to the art is paying dividends in spades as the band is quickly starting to catch the ears and hearts of their new locale.The band’s sound is reminiscent of many turn of the century bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids, and Paramore along with bands that are punk at heart, pop in delivery, and indie in aesthetic. Big guitars, hook-laden melodies, and anthemic choruses are all perfectly contrasted by fine-tuned lyrical construction. The lyrics dive into tough subjects like suicide and moving on from painful regrets. Along with serious matters their message usually aims for a happy ending.

2016 finds the members of Young Lungs taking the steps to put the band on a national stage. Writing, recording, and becoming staples of the local scene are just the beginning. The band is already oozing with potential; this potential combined with their staunch DIY approach, strong work ethic, and a willingness to put the band before themselves suggests a bright future and sustainability in a difficult industry. Their first album is already underway and Young Lungs will be out on the road to find new places with fresh ears and hearts to capture. See you at the show.