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Dani : An exciting 18 year old with neon blue hair is

someone you can’t look past if you tried. Justin was loud and passionate and intimidating, but his take on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” in our freshman performance seminar shocked and intrigued me to the point of wanting to know this scrawny boy a little better.

Justin : I was working on a music video for a cover of “Say Something” and needed someone to sing the Christina Aguilera part. A friend of mine posted a video of him and Dani singing a duet version of “Best Thing I Never I Had” by Beyonce, and I immediately thought she would be perfect for this.

Dani : We started our first project together strictly for the fun of doing what we love, but immediately had chemistry in the way we worked and communicated through our craft. We jokingly threw around the idea of working together for about a year, but the timing just wasn’t right and went about our lives.

Justin : A year later Dani came up to me after class one day and asked “when are we doing another video?” In the midst of the second video we began to realize how natural it was for us to work and communicate the message we strived for together.

XXY : One fall day writing a song together, we decided to take a huge leap into what could potentially be a huge disaster or something unique that the world needed to hear. Along with our shared loved for music, having a dialogue in our craft was a top priority. We are humanists. We are musicians. We are the same thing.