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Meet our army of disco superheroes from Russia, Ukraine & Kazakhstan able to change your reality into rainbow-colorized led-dancefloor and transform you to eternal disco-lovers with balloon hairstyles, bright classical costumes and cosmically tuned 'always in a good' mood. So, take the best from deep & disco original tracks and remixes of al l bo, Big Arti, Clouds Testers, DIMTA, DJ Magnum, EDVIG, Ess Kimo, Hybrid Funk Theory, Ice 771, Karcep, Misha Shine, Mota, Paco Punk, Perfect Team, Roman Starikoff, Semenovb, The Soap Opera, Yeckah, Yuriy Poleg and sing this songs with special karaoke versions by "Nu-Disco The Heroes Vol. IV" of WorldOfBrights!