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The massive 4th album al l bo - "MARS" - was recorded in deep house and nu-disco styles and contains 20 original songs published as singles under al l bo's own labels "WorldOfBrights" and "UnitedStatesOfBrights" in 2017-2018. al l bo - Moscow english-speaking vocalist, instrumentalist and synthesizers pro - is well known to music lovers and DJs around the world thanks to his unique timbre of vocal and recognizable manner of singing, therefore album's tracks - first of all "Casablanca", "Marvel" and "Lady "- before the release of the album got international FM-radio rotations in Europe, Asia, South America and were authorized to be translated into several European languages. Like the two previous albums al l bo - "Songs Of Summer" and "AL | BO TRONICA", the "MARS" album combines compositions completely created by al l bo as a songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist, and his vocal feats in collaborations with other instrumentalists and djs. "WorldOfBrights" labes also publishes a special album of instrumental karaoke versions of "MARS" songs for cover vocalists called "Mars For Singers".