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We have a new album out, one that we're very proud of, called "Seasons." The main body of work on this album is a concept piece which goes through the cycle of a year, from January to December. The music on this record is mainly progressive rock in style. We wanted to give folks a taste, so with today being the first day of spring, we're offering the final song of the four - the edited single version of the song, "Spring" as a free download! Tips/donations would certainly help defer the cost of production, but please feel free to download and enjoy! Here's what Jon Camp, bassist of the British 70s band, Renaissance, has to say about "Seasons" - "I've worked with Nori, Barbie and friends on several albums now and they always make me smile - there's a dedication that runs through them that I and many others find very appealing. The new 'Seasons' album is an absolute tour de force, both musically and spiritually. The musicianship would be hard to fault and Nori's writing seems to improve with each album - miss it at your peril!"