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When was the last time you purchased a CD – with 15 songs/no interludes no less – and dug it enough to let it play through without skipping one tune? L.A. based singer/songwriter Wil Keyhas delivered such a worthy disc thanks to the thoughtful, sensitive and sensual nature of his lyrics, the quality and sheen of the independent production, and a striking balance between live instrumentation (rhythm, horns and support vocals) and tastefully synthesized tracks. Vocally, Key gives utmost respect to his compositions, forgoing excessive riffing to deliver his lyrics with soulful sincerity that is as warm and endearing as it is tasteful and impressive. If you love Maxwell and Eric Bene’t, you will be feelin’ this brother who rolls with a slightly jazzier flow akin to Will Downing.

Titled But a Woman and graced with a lovely cover model (a contest winner) serving the eye graceful nude portraiture, the album’s packaging perfectly sets the tone for the music inside. This is a collection of songs that places women of many stripes on pedestals of adoration and fascination. - A. Scott Galloway (Urban Music Scene)

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