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Sporting a lush and well-rounded sound that is incredibly infectious, Wild Ones' Keep It Safe is equal parts melancholy and pure pop bliss that ought to accompany your ears well into summer (it'll take your mind there regardless). The record flows effortlessly from start to finish; pulling and tugging, triumphantly lifting and somberly sinking all along the way — SPIN seems to agree:

"The melodic grace of singer Danielle Sullivan is undeniable, while the band's mix of buoyant synth-pop and familiar indie-rock keeps things moving ever forward." Time Magazine also hailed Wild Ones as a Band to Watch in 2014, saying of the album: "Keep It Safe is filled with impeccable arrangements and a mature pop sensibility that hits you from the first note. The songs are anchored by Danielle Sullivan’s distinct voice, which brings to mind both The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan and Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays. Her mesmerizing vocal melodies work well with the inventive synthesizer compositions of Thomas Himes — fused with supple guitar and bass work you get a grandiose and melancholy pop sound that is both novel and retro, innovative and comfortable."