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Released in late 2012 and recorded almost entirely by Matt Preston and a collaboration of friends, Let's Play Pretend offers good old fashioned rock mixed with some contemporary touches and some light-hearted lyrics as well. There is something for everybody on Let's Play Pretend so download it for free, share with your friends, let us know what you think, and come to our shows! If you really dig the tunes tips us a few bucks to help us record a new album! "We Were Superheroes is an alternative rock band in San Luis Obispo, California and they are here to save music" Robert Gluck - Quintessence Music Group "I imagine Dave Grohl and Andrew WK making a baby with Weezer and Third Eye Blind, then naming it We Were Superheroes" Mikel VK - PK “They might have hung up their masks, but luckily for you and me, they picked up a guitar and a mixing board and gave us "Let's Play Pretend," an original collection of songs harking back to the good ol' days of rock and roll and heroes and villains.” Julian Calvillo - Swap Magazine "It’s big, it’s simple, it’s intense, it’s funny, it’s honest, and it fights the powers of darkness on this planet." Randall Sena - Certain Sparks