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I make electro-based music that draws on New Wave, Synthpunk, Artpunk, Trance, Dub and whatever else I feel like at the time. 2016's new full-length album "The Coup de Grâce" is proof of that. I use #CreativeCommons licensing & I am a recluse. In the past, I fronted Fairbanks, AK/Portland, OR dance-punk band Little Lippi (1993-1997) & Portland, OR new wave punk band RONG Button (1998-2000), & Bethlehem PA artpunk band We Are In Envelopes (2011-2013), but Wet Dentist has been a thing pretty much the day after RONG Button broke up (i.e. since 11/2000) & I've released a ton of music that mostly nobody's ever heard before. I love it though!