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Rock ’n’ roll is not an exact science. Sure, notes can be mapped out on a staff and its components can be measured in frequency and wavelength, but much of its purity relies on the random compounds of human alchemy. In that field, Los Angeles trio Wake Up Lucid earns high marks. The band of cousins — Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca — fashions primordial rock springing from the ooze of classic blues influences, familial instincts and a barely spoken covenant to remove the filters between music and its targeted nerve endings. It's brash, it's beautiful, and if it hurts a little, well, the Bacas say, so does living. Wake Up Lucid's debut album is titled, fittingly, "Feel It," and it drips with the sweat of labor, lust, rage and even exasperation, from the caustic feedback of the opening title track to the closing, 6-minute fixation on a "Black Haired Woman."