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Vi Tran is equal parts sea salt and wheat fields. He was born near Sai Gon, Vietnam and raised in southwestern Kansas. He began performing as a toddler in the refugee camps of southeast Asia. Other refugees took pity on the young (and literally starving) artist, giving him what food they could spare. His life an open-ended refugee story and All-American tale, full of landlocked sailors and broken lovers; loss and discovery; but most of all, hope. Musically, his style spans several genres. The autumn release of Vi Tran Band's "American Heroine" follows his well-received 2010 solo acoustic EP, "Goodbye, Summer," with a full-length symphonic rock, pop and Americana album. Tran describes the album of original songs as his "wheat field" album, a “musical trade paperback novella” in homage to American master storytellers such as Hemingway, Steinbeck and Fitzgerald.