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Vinicius Terra is all about innovation, he brought the strength of the Rap music to dance with the harmony of the Bossa Nova sounds. As an independent artist he mixed the two differents music worlds being the first rapper noted by the critics to perform and be celebrated at Slums parties and also at sophisticated jazz clubs at the same time. His remarkable flow, clever rhymes combine with his great ability to interact with different audiences has conquered important venues from the wonderful and chaotic city of Rio de Janeiro till Paris. What seemed a daring turned into a musical style called Bossa-Rap, bringing to the stage a performance different from what anyone expects from a Bossa Nova concert or Rap performance. Soon his music had reached other regions of Brazil and since that it has been exported to European and South America Countries in an extensive tour that lasted three years with his latest album "Quando a Bossa Encontra o Rap”(When Bossa Meets Rap).