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Genre: Art Pop

All songs written by Victoria Vox (except "Daytime Moon" by Victoria Vox & Casey MacGill, and "Tugboat" by Victoria Vox, Manny Sanchez, and Corinne Lee).

"While filled out with grooving bass and drums, electric guitar, and even mouth-trumpet backing vocals, Victoria Vox's voice and catchy, ukulele-driven songs are the central framework for this album of pop songs (available on vinyl, CD, or digital download). Gorgeously applied vocal harmonies are layered over the California-based singer's sparse and effective ukulele chords and melodies, and with her inspirational and warm lyrics, you're bound to find yourself humming them long after listening. But what really stands out is how potent the ukulele is for pop accompaniment, adding brightness and bounce, without cloying sweetness." - GO / Ukulele Magazine