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Sometimes in the most unfamiliar places God chooses to speak. Verses began in the strange yet exciting New York City, a world away from the Australian hometown where producer Luke and vocalists Joel and Jess grew up. In the summer of 2013, seeking God and inspiration they moved together to a warehouse in Brooklyn where, by surprise, the bones of Verses came together. Musically they found themselves inspired by the rich culture of the city, spiritually they were led to turn the Bible into lyrics. Two months later, the trio returned home, refining their initial writing sessions into compelling melodies and addictive electronic beats. The band’s mission is to make Jesus famous. They try to find their lyrics directly in God’s Word and put them to music to make His verses known. Verses now present their first release ‘All Things’, a song that like their others, carries the weight of the cross whilst uplifting the heart of those who hear it. May He speak as you listen.