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The title says it all. This album contains hypnotic vocals, explosive guitar riffs and sultry synths. The trio known as the Variety Picnic delivers a debut album that is jam-packed full of sounds that will make you feel like you've never felt before. Sweet Jams travels through several different genres of music and subjects. The album begins an eerie spacey tune called "Space Happy" which will make you wonder if you're actually listening to a comedy album. Once you hear the majestic vocals on "Feel That (Boogie In Your Jeans)" is when your addiction begins. The soaring guitar solos from world class gentlemen Earl Babbich will leave you speechless. You'll hear ambient tones mixed with a hip-hop beat and an odd fetish on "Your Chest". When you mix Cheesy 80's rock mixed with today's autotune and a happy acid trip, you get "Great Sensations". If you add serious beats plus comedy rap then you've got "Bank Bank" and "Ode To Morse". The group gets down and dirty on "Babymaker" and leaves you with a mess on your hands with "Manbatter". The legendary underground rapper Frank Douglas makes his presence felt with a guest appearance on "Bank Bank" and "Did It All (Just To Get)". Taking a note from Flight Of The Conchords, these guys prove they can be versatile. These are all great elements that are needed to make a great comedy album (except for skits; they aren't jams). Just like their fellow comedy musicians The Lonely Island, the trio has viral videos for their songs. You wouldn't be reading this right now if it weren't for a man named Kevin Morse. The picnic's frontman Patrick Mahan wrote the song "Ode To Morse" which is a tribute to the legend who kicks ass and keeps it clean. This was the song that started it all. The catchy tunes and sweet riffs found here will leave you wanting more and more.