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With her smokey voice, strong lyrics and sober alt-folk craft Amsterdam singer-songwriter VanWyck has drawn comparisons with Leonard Cohen, Natalie Merchant and Laura Marling. She released her debut EP to international acclaim in 2015 and subsequently released a handful of tracks that garnered airplay on radio stations all over the world. Her debut album 'An Average Woman' was released on her own Maiden Name Records in 2018 and hailed by the Dutch music press as one of the best releases by a native artist in years.

VanWyck's songs are intimate and reflective but often convey a political message as well. The title track being a case in point: a slow anthem responding to the way society celebrates succes as something unique and individual, eroding our sense of community. 'Red River Girl' and 'Europa Escapes' explore the ways in which violence against women has played a part in our histories and how that carries repercussions into our present. With this album VanWyck has reached across the borders of personal experience into deeply existential themes: the struggle for true freedom, the longing for love and completion and the sobering reality of everyday life.

VanWyck is now touring in Europe and working on her second album which is planned for a release in November 2019.