From Vanguard X Mortem

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Christophe Florian "L.C.F." - Vocals & guitars

Alix Rousselet - Vocals and Violin

Marco De Barros - Drums

Born in Paris on 2011, VANGUARD X MORTEM [vanguardismortem] is a project of the guitarist/songwriter L.C.F. (COMEDIE MACABRE), birthed in stylistic blending of atmospheric and symphonic Metal to create the debut album titled [vanguardismortem] released as 8 songs full length.

After a few reviews on Metal webzine in France, Germany and England, L.C.F. start to composed new titles during the 2012/2013 years. For an optimize self-production, the 9 new songs are totally recorded and mixed by L.C.F. in the -Noir Carrousel Studio- during the year 2013.

VANGUARD X MORTEM finalizes the second opus in dark atmosphere and heavy influences, all underscored by a unique baroque and orchestral approach to create a vanguardixMetal.

VANGUARD X MORTEM new masterpiece “Neptune fragrance” is available.