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Van Damsel is a paradox. Four high-school friends began a death metal project but somehow turned into an indie-rock band. Born and raised in the small-town of Kamloops, BC but with global aspirations. Brought up in religious homes but vehemently anti-religious. Faithful, but with a constant desire to please women. Both serious and irresponsible; reflective and hedonistic. Van Damsel is a paradox.

The only truth about Van Damsel is their desire to make music. Two years after forming, Van Damsel released their debut EP, Say Hello to Your Mother (2012) recorded with Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Tough Lovers). The record led to the band’s recognition in Music BC’s Emerging Artist Program.

Shortly after, Van Damsel returned to the studio with Worsley to record a second EP, The Sunshine, Girl (released in October 2013). The band released the title track for the EP in March of that year which lead to them being selected in the Top 20 of the prestigious Peak Performance Project (out of over 400 applicants). The release of the EP's second single, Communist, lead to Van Damsel being named the Shore's Best of BC for November 2013 (taking home a $10,000 prize). The Sunshine, Girl EP sees a progression in songwriting and musicianship. The album's title track colourfully sets an indie-dance groove to crooned dreams of escape to sunny paradise. Currently, Van Damsel aim to bring their message to the ears and eyes of anyone bold enough to enjoy it.