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This album was our first in 2012 and it was really interesting. A lot of songs were thrash songs but there were touches of melodeth and metalcore in places. Also there were Electronica touches in one track (with a midi guitar being played in a solo and in an intro) and even some folk music elements thrown in in 2 tracks. Those 2 tracks are the best on the cd for that, and the folk elements aren't european or american. Folk music elements would become something really heavily done from this point on in 2013-2014... When I wrote them I didn't even know they were folk music inspired (aka I did it all by accident), but now I know thanks to listening to tons of folk metal around the world... A lot of songs had folk melodies in 2013. Since 2009 there was american folk music elements thrown in in places, but this blew that out of the water with some non-european folk elements being used and they would be used a lot later on. So would scandanavian folk elements (think thyring)... I never used these melodies enough to really consider the band folk metal (no folk instruments were ever used either), but there is an undeniable folk influence in later Unleashing Vengeance, a one I never even knew existed till last night!