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This is the latest and maybe last Unleashing Vengeance CD.... It is a throwback (blackened thrash) cd to oldschool unleashing vengeance from 2002-2008/2010-early 2011, where black metal influences were quite big in the sound, hence the change in the vocal style from normal thrash to thrash/black metal hybrid vocals and black metal keyboards and guitars being used a lot.

Lyrically the album has a lot of personal, and political lyrics on it, not including the censorship of comic books in the 1940's (track 2), The BS claim that most metal bands are racist and sexist (track 3), me being harassed by a supposed friend (track 4), me being trolled (track 5), and the whole moral panic surrounding video game violence after the parkland shooting (tracks 6-9)...This may be the last one we do. We got back together to do it... I think it came out good...