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This is a partial remaster of the album antifreedom we recorded in 2013 originally. This cd was frought with production issues and in some tracks they still remain.. But on tracks 4,5,7 and 8 they sound better now. Antifreedom was a cd that was a concept album talking about video game violence related topics and video game censorship. It is also our most folk-y album ever, with tons of folk melodies all over the place, especially on track 2,3 and 5. The folk melodies are very non-european in this one too... Which does not fit the feel of the cd at all but still sounds interesting..This is a very important cd for me. It is a cd designed to attack video game violence proponents and debunk their junk:Track 1 is about the possible conspiracy to ban violent games.Track 2 is about Bills to Tax the usage and storage of violent games...Track 3 is about people who spammed Mass Effects facebook page after sandy hookTrack 4 is about the claim that School Shooters train on Doom, a false claim that is total BSTrack 5 is about the Obama Admininstrations study into video game violenceTrack 6 Is about how many media outlets bash violent gamesTrack 7 is about how some preacher tried to say violent games cause child molestation and Ralph nader did the same thing 2 days later.Track 8 Is about how people keep on complaining about violent game ads in public and how they think violent games are marketed to kids when they are not.