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After years of playing in various bands, Martin and Carolyn settled down to family life in the UK and music took a back seat. After moving to the US they finally returned to writing and making music together - the thing that had brought them together in the first place - and recorded an album as Uncut Pages for the 2013 RPM Challenge. The result was Where to Begin - piano-based singer-songwriter music mixed with guitars and gentle electronica. Songs about home, leaving, yearning, hoping and dreaming.

Their 2014 album, New Walls was recorded after another relocation - from New York to Maine - and builds on the same themes but with a stronger and richer musical palette.

Songs of life and love and loss are mixed with references to the history, geography and mythology of the state of Maine in their 2015 release: On Your Shores.

Time and Tide was released in early 2017. The turmoil of the political situation in 2016 is evident in some of the songs, while others look back to simpler times and reflect on the many transitions of life.