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UGLYTWIN is a three piece hardcore band from Austin Texas. Starting as The Brigade in 2009 as an idea and has grown into a full on force to deal with. Pooling their influences ranging from late 90's metalcore to chaos metal and southern hardcore, UGLYTWIN’s sound has become one that is distinctly theirs, and increasingly hard to categorize or pin down. Their music is passionate, hard and unpredictable, with each new song is an attempt to stretch creatively and find the balance between brutality and hope.

UGLYTWIN is not a band on its own. It is made up of the friends, family, enemies, and spectators in the individual member’s lives that brought them to this band and allowed them to create this brutal expression of that experience. Every note was crafted to break something down, so hopefully something else could take its place and allow those, who are willing, to move forward.