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  • A resident of Senoia, GA, Tyson has long had a passion for serving the body of Christ through singing and songwriting. In 2011, Tyson followed the Lord’s lead to help plant a church in Senoia, GA where he now serves as the worship pastor for Sovereign Hope Church.
  • The musical vision for this album primarily came out of Tyson’s local church spending the last few years studying the books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians and meditating much on the second coming of Christ. Although the hope of the early church was centered around the return of Christ, Tyson noticed that today the Church is not very often calling people to look towards the hope of the end and to be living in light of the second coming (at least in mid-Georgia, USA). Tyson wanted to help serve the body of Christ by providing more songs about the believer’s hope in the present because of the resurrection and provide more songs focused on the reality of Jesus coming back.
  • These songs individually and collectively exist to point people to Jesus and to the truths of the gospel. More specifically, these songs are written and organized in such a way as to lead people to worship Jesus Christ as the King who will come again one day with power and great glory to rescue His people. His latest album echoes the hope of the early church and provides music so that believer’s today may sing in response to the hope they have in Jesus. For more information please visit: