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When I was a kid, the Crystal Ballroom--in Portland, Oregon--was about as high a pinnacle to which one could aspire. Our parents used to drive us up from Salem to see bands like Built to Spill and the Get Up Kids, events which, in the mind of a fourteen year-old boy, were enough to sanctify the venue as a sort of holy place

Today, the fact that my band has actually played at the Crystal Ballroom does not reconcile easily with my early associations. That the stage there has been graced by so many of my musical idols seems to preclude the notion of my ever setting foot on it.

But then life is strange. I am over the moon to present you with Typhoon: Live at the Crystal Ballroom. Please forgive the minor muck-ups of the performance--to say we were all a little overwhelmed by the evening would not be an overstatement.

xoxo, km