From Old Man Luedecke

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Old Man Luedecke’s narrative-driven folk songs are playful, coy, and soul warming. Based in Chester, Nova Scotia, the award-winning roots singer-songwriter’s latest album, Tender Is The Night muses on love, art and purpose. With skillful precision and a storyteller’s heart, Luedecke charms audiences with his heartfelt folk tunes. After touring the globe, winning multiple Juno Awards, and becoming a father to twin girls, Luedecke has finally found confidence in himself, and his art. Tender Is The Night is a balancing act, a collection of songs artfully crafted, and tenderly performed. As Nashville provided an inspirational backdrop, Luedecke surrounded himself with the top players in folk and bluegrass music, including: multi-instrumentalist and producer O’Brien, bassist Mike Bub and drummer Kenny Malone. Here is a 5 song sneak peak of "Tender Is The Night" which will be released on October 2nd.