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For Taylor Sorensen, music is not only life or death, but the constant “knifes-edge” tension between the two. As the soul and songwriting behind the Rock ’n’ Roll of the Trigger Code, Sorensen is a working artist’s artist and a blue-collar hero of the indie rock scene. Having released two previous albums with Dualtone Records and landing numerous placements in shows the likes of True Detective, Chicago Fire and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Sorensen’s Trigger Code is poised to come out punching with the release of the Fathers & Sons EP; eight songs that lay the groundwork for the forthcoming double-album, Black Mountain/White Lake.

Fathers and Sons, while holding true to the Trigger Code’s Rock ’n’ Roll roots, is a taste of Sorensen’s exploration of traditional Appalachian music and story telling; both of which are dramatic turns for the Trigger Code. Filtered heavily through Sorensen’s own working experience, the EP introduces listeners to characters and their stories that will be further unveiled on Black Mountain/White Lake. With its Appalachian roots and with guidance from Grammy Award-winning producer Andy Hunt, this EP seeks to use those same stories as measure for a generation largely unwilling to test the scales that weighed all who came before them. Fathers & Sons: the vanitas skeleton to narrate and insist on the clout of Black Mountain/White Lake.

For a limited time and exclusively on NoiseTrade, download the EP along with the Trigger Code's entire catalog of recordings dating back to 2005; 40 songs in all. This monumental release is an opportunity for listeners to discover the progression and development of the Trigger Code over the past 10+ years. As well as the first two full length albums, it includes never before released B-Sides and the bands first EP, The Burbank Sessions.

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