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“The Psalms are timeless but allow us to express in quite a raw way how we are feeling to God”. This was the inspiration for Trefor Jones to record these ancient scriptures and “rediscover the Psalms as songs that are meant to be sung”.

Having previously released the album back in 2011, to much critical acclaim, Trefor Jones is pleased to announce that the Psalms project is going to be available as a free download.

“I am proud to have made an album that is different but that is sung in spirit and in truth. Giving away the album for free is a brilliant way of ensuring that lots of people get to hear it”.

"Mr Jones' vocal power and his ability to wring real emotion from what were originally deeply emotional songs set this album apart. Get hold of a copy if you can and hear the Psalms come alive as they were meant to do." Crossrhythms, UK