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Here is a collection of songs, in various states of song-hood, that lead to the completion of my new album Wax & Gold (release date Aug 21, 2015). This here is a big glass jar full of sewing materials, like what my grandmother had in her sewing room. As a little girl I would stick my hand in the jar just to feel and hear the sound of the colorful beads, the plastic and pearl buttons, the zippers, and the metal snaps against the glass. Soon they would become a part of a bigger thing, a dress, or a suit, or perhaps not. For now, they sit in a jar waiting to be touched - waiting for me to bring them to life.

I have worked really hard over the past five years to write these songs. As a new mother to an beautiful adopted son, it's hard to find the time to be as creative as you once were. Being a mother and being creative is like moving through molasses. These songs move slow. They don't jolt or jab. They take their time. They are about being a mother, and finding a definition of family that works for me.