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The Woman, real name Glenda Martinez is of Garifuna Decent, a tribe based in Honduras, Central America. Born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn, Toni developed a style and edge like no other. Fusing all the elements of her traditions and culture this talented female with a strong entrepreneurial spirit is ready to take on the world. Multi Award winning artist ToniSteelz has made a name for herself more notably as ½ of Male/Female Hip Hop duo BLACKSTEELZ. She has been creating music with producers such as Canei Finch, Raheim Beyah formerly of Czar Entertainment, Hassan Shareef, Jimi Kendrix and Drawzilla of Comrades Corp just a few who are helping brand that ToniSteelz sound. ToniSteelz is no stranger to the stage, having performed in every major showcase in and around the Tri- state area Toni has solidified herself as an all-around all American entertainer. Host of It’s A Go Radio and Co-Host of Video Music Box alongside Ralph McDaniels ToniSteelz has continuously shown her diversity, will and knowledge and continues to push the limits and explore her talents. Having performed in venues such as Madison Square Garden, Times Square Arts Center, SOB’s, BB KINGS, THE TRIAD and many more…ToniSteelz is ready to engage mainstream media and come out from the shadows of what some consider the underground rap realm with her continuously developing style. Join her as she makes her mark.