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For years I’ve played for/produced/directed/managed/composed/advised many choirs/artists/churches/producers, and now I’ve decided that its now my time to give my heart to the public and the music that is in it.

Here I have complied a collection of the music thats in my heart to share with the world. I’ve had a lifetime of opportunities to share music of others and with others, and for that I am grateful. Now I believe that it is time for me to give the music that I have stored in me. Some of these tunes have been written as a part of live jamming and developed for this project. Others were sitting in my hard drive like wild lions waiting for me to release them. In collaboration with the worlds greatest drummer (so he says…), friend and co-producer Carl “Flute” Johnson we have produced some music that we are proud of. We are looking forward to sharing with you first, then the world. On this project we have some world renown legends you may know such as Jerry Livingston, Kenny Hawkins, Rishon Odell Northington and Marshall Badger along with some names you might not know like: Dominic Missana, Greginald Spencer, Ramon Adams, Joel Del Rosario, Jonathan Johnson, Nia Badger, Walter Barr Jr, Scheherazade Holman, Terrell Robinson and Carlos Jones The project was recorded mainly at Mammoth Recording Studios where Joseph Orlando is the Owner and Operator. He also mixed every song on the record. Additional recording was done here at Audio Magic, Boxx Industry Studios (My studio) and some of the song were even recorded at the New Otani Hotel in Osaka, Japan.