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"Instantly enjoyable" -- THE HEADPHONE JACK "10 out of 10..." -- CROSS RHYTHMS "...chalk full of good stuff, infectious hooks, riffs, magical percussion effects and that occasional lovely fuzzy bass that I just can't get enough of." -- INDIE TRENDSETTERS "Grade A... Stellar is an understatement." -- ALPHA OMEGA NEWS "5 out of 5 Stars... Brilliant..." -- LOUDER THAN THE MUSIC. " and unique songs..smooth synth and electronic sound with a well-placed vocal..." -- CCM MAGAZINE "... blends the styles together so well that he manages to create uniqueness out of the ordinary... Listening to the music offered up ... it would be very hard to tell that this was an independent album... and it sounds as good as, if not better than, some major label recordings you`d hear today. " -- JESUS FREAK HIDEOUT. "A great indie rock offering ..." -- FREE CHRISTIAN. "... crafts a wonderful melodic vibe... Infectious, compelling." -- HM MAGAZINE