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To my listeners and believers

The future is bright and we've come a long way! The music has grown and I'm thankful that you've stuck around to witness. If you're new to my music, I welcome you to the community. I'd like to present something to you, a new project entitled, "the weight of it all."

This project consists of songs that cover a wide range of thoughts & ideas & feelings & emotions & circumstances that I've faced and been through; the good, the bad, the ungodly ugly. For instance, one song was inspired by me remembering a time in my life where I was depressed and felt immobile while another draws from a time where things were on the up and up and I was elated to see a loved one.

The sum of these songs equates to the weight of it all. And to be honest, this group of songs may not exactly be all the things that weigh on my heart but they are all the things that have come to the surface while trekking on this path of faith and discovery. The more I learn about who I am the more you'll know and the better the music will be, at least thats the idea.

I hope you enjoy this offering, share it if you find it even in the least beneficial, and stick around as there's more to come.

On My Way,

Tim James