From Timothy Philip

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Native of New York to Brooklyn’s own. Grew into a life of tough love with a hunger for a promising future while raised with a brim out look on the world and how it all came together. With nothing more than simple tools to create, imagination was candidly one of the first forms of motivation and inspiration. An artsy characteristic was a purely dominant element that defined me. Artistically shaped at a young age by way of the vocal capability and the piano instrument knowledge, I began to aspire to do great things musically. Since childhood I’ve sang in the church and school choirs. Recognized with an award and mentions for arts and poetry only fuel the desire further. I’ve since learned the elements of music and what music is. I write the notes, I write the lyrics and sing the song. Other than music fashion has been an outlet, along with the elements that goes into its creation. To be involved I took up photography. I learned what makes for an amazing photo and how to edit a photo to make it even more come to life. I meshed myself with photography by becoming the model, intertwining art at its fullest potential. Understanding the craft of art and its elements became my sole purpose. Aside from being a musician I maintained a practical quality. I study as a business major. I am a firm believer that knowledge can only bring success. I believe dreams are amazing to have but are not our sole purpose for living. Being someone that can understand both sides to a financial venture has always been captivating. Learning how to manage, organize and solution find were all qualities that engage me. I believe that knowing aspects business from a business stand point is to everybody’s benefit. When it’s all said and done, Timothy Philip is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is a model and a photographer, a musician and a vocalist. Timothy Philip is a lover of women and a leader of men. Timothy Philip is music.