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Tim Jenks has played a lot of blues guitar since being something of a pioneer on the gospel rock circuit in the late 1960s, initially daring to introduce his church in Wolverhampton to the electric guitar. He has been in a number of bands over the years and now fronts this four-piece, which includes George Newsome formerly of the Climax Blues Band on drums. The band describe their music as blues, but I would say blues of a very gentle variety. The opening intro to the title track reminds me stylistically of Chris Rea, and none of the six tracks here are going to rock your socks off, but the set is nonetheless really enjoyable and what plainly makes this work is Jenks's guitar playing which is a thing of beauty. There are a number of solos which really lift the spirits, culminating in a real corker on "Set Me Free". What we have here is just 22 minutes of music, but they are 22 minutes which will leave you wanting more, particularly more of that guitar. TJB sound like a band well worth catching live.

Review by Anthony Longville (Crossrhythms) July 2008