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Native to Washington, DC, Tigers Are Bad For Horses is an electronic/alt pop duo that blends lilting vocals with jazz influenced, multi-textured piano and production. Comprised of Mellen Funke and Lyell Roeder, this duo may grab your interest through their intriguing band name, but they keep it solely through their music.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses began as a casual collaboration between singer Mellen Funke and keyboardist/producer Lyell Evans Roeder. They originally came together to create a single for a film score Lyell was working on. Shortly after this collaboration they began co-writing and producing Recovery, under the moniker Tigers Are Bad For Horses.

Released September 2014, Recovery immediately received critical acclaim and began airing on Sirius XM’s Chill channel. Inspired by Recovery’s success, Mellen and Lyell immediately began writing a series of songs that would go on to become I.V. (Poisoned) and their debut EP, TABFH. During that time they also began playing at a number of Washington, D.C. venues, sharing the stage with a wide range of acts that included Misterwives, The Knocks, Keylow, and Bill Danoff.

Their debut EP, TABFH, was written and recorded between September 2014 and October 2015. They worked primarily out of Lyell’s home studio in Georgetown, with some vocal and piano tracking done at Bias Studios in Virginia. Shortly after its release, the first cut off the EP, Messenger, became an overnight success online, surging to over 50,000 listens on Spotify in a week’s time and finding new listeners in countries all over the world.

Tigers is currently playing shows in DC as they work on writing and recording new material they hope to release over the next few months.