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This Royal Nation is an Indie Pop/Rock band from Boise,ID. // Music has been a way for me to address all the joy and pain I experience in life. It always feels like I'm letting go and enjoying what comes naturally. C.S Lewis said "An obligation to feel can freeze feelings." I think that's why I've always been drawn to music. No one told me to do it. When my heartache and failures left me questioning, music was a soft bed to lie down on. Whether I'm happy or defeated, taking an evening drive or listening through earbuds in the safety of my bedroom, the melody always finds me. I hope these melodies find you. I hope that you are left with a semblance of hope and perspective. Perspective is my life song. It's what causes us to act. Perspective is the root of hope, doubt, faith and most importantly, appreciation. When circumstances test my resolve to love and hope, I look for new perspective. The way I see it, it's now and all at once. Perspective won't come find you when you least expect it. It wont be a resounding gong that hangs above your head in every trial that you face. It's a decision to make something matter. Don't chase who you've been. Don't count your tears before each blessing. Don't let your hope be taken by the shade of night.Much love, friends // David J.