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At the corner of street life and clean living stands Thi’sl: an ex-hustler turned urban missionary who brings the Truth to the hood and urban struggles to the Church. A look into his past reveals the authenticity of his gritty, in your face lyrics and God’s grace, which spared his life and gave him a clean slate to begin anew. Travis “Thi’sl” Tyler (This house I shall live--reference to God) was born in Greenwood, MS but moved with his mom and half-brother to one of the worst neighborhoods in America at the age of 2. Living on the Westside of St. Louis, without a father present, his grandmother was forced to raise Thi’sl and his brother, while his mom constantly worked or spent nights out with friends and boyfriends. He soon became a statistic—expelled from all St. Louis public schools at 13 years old for having a weapon, (Read Full Bio On artist website)