From The Wild After

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The Wild After is what happens when four rock troubadours embrace the musical unknown, discovering what comes next for a group that’s already left a mark on the Denver music scene.

After their last band—hometown indie rock favorites The Heyday— took a hiatus last year, songwriter and lead singer Randall Kent and guitarist Ryan Buller didn’t know whether to press on or try something new. Butafter writing and recording with bassist Chris Beeble and Jesse Spencer on the drums, it was clear that what would become The Wild After would be something entirely different.

In the middle of discovering their identity, the foursome were hand-picked by Warner Records to back up Matt Hires, the nationally known singer/songwriter, on a country-wide tour with Matchbox Twenty—and later with alt-rock pioneers The Goo Goo Dolls. It was the biggest exposure yet for the band, who honed their craft in arenas and clubs alike.

Kent, who cites artists like Tom Petty and Ryan Adams as influences, made a New Year’s resolution to write songs every morning before the sun comes up and the day begins. Kent says that many of the songs on The Wild After’s forthcoming EP come from that hazy time, like the dreamy, experimental “Ocean Floor,” or the barreling rocker “Lesson Learned.”

Kent says his group is trying to be more than your normal guitar-based band. With the experience and talent these four bring to the music scene, folks in Denver and beyond are waiting to hear what comes next from The Wild After.

—Chris Utterback