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On their forthcoming full-length debut self-titled album, The West Coast Feed “generates their own unique brand of modern and electrifying rock/soul music, as composed by a tight backbeat of their rhythm section, a three-man horn section, a tandem of electric guitars, a violin, and lead by the energetic front-man, Jesse Butterworth.”- Substream Magazine.

The band has partnered with Noisetrade to share the 5 tracks from the upcoming album as well as the official video from the album’s next single “Sky Pines”.

Since the Seattle, WA-based band’s formation one short year ago, The West Coast Feed has filled clubs and theaters sharing the stage with the likes of Lord Huron, The Revivalists, Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Moon Taxi. With their highly anticipated self-titled full-length debut, founding member/guitarist and accomplished recording engineer Matt Woll polishes the sweat, grit and energy of the band into a sonic studio shimmer.

As the music began to take shape the band felt more and more freedom to play what they love, instead of copying the sound of the latest trend. Says Matt Woll, “I’ve been in signed bands, but instead of trying to prove something to some invisible somebody we’re having a blast making music we love. And the best part is that people seem to really love it, which is a bonus.”