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Dubs Alive Records is proud to present The Weapons, with their premier single: Island Girl featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore. The Weapons set the stage for a genuinely emotive performance by Blakkamoore, who’s masterful vocal range of Reggae melodies, tight rhythmic flow, and lush harmonies combine to express the universal experience of love. Behind his voice, the mix shimmers with catchy melodic steel pan while a chunky roots guitar skank and bubbling organ provide an undeniable drive. Classic One Drop and Steppas beats provide two distinct feels as the music evolves while the ultra heavy bassweight showcases The Weapons’ uniquely subwise production style. International Dub destroyer Bukkha brings his own flavor with a massive 808 dancefloor remix, filled with tastefully rolling basslines and dubwise FX. Fire it up, crank the hi-fi and find your Island Girl.