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First premiered as live performances on revered WFMU DJ Gaylord Fields' Sunday night radio show, The Tall Pines (Connie Lynn Petruk & Christmas Davis) - who's songs combine their mutual love of rock & roll, southern soul, classic country, dirty blues, and garage rock - finally recorded the songs that these live WFMU transmissions were based on, with producer Joel Hamilton at Studio G Brooklyn. A greasy fistful of these recordings are included here as the "Love Is The Reason" EP, which also serves as a taste of The Tall Pines upcoming full length, minimalist rock & roll album "Skeletons of Soul," to be released on vinyl later this year. So dig in, and get down. The Tall Pines play road trip music for everyday life, juke-joint pit stops, and out of body experiences. We hope you'll join us on the ride.