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The seeds of The Sunset District popped up while singer/songwriter John McNicholas was working

and living away from home. Being on the road constantly has a way of putting you in a creative and retrospective mood, and John harnessed that mood to create the songs that comprise the band's new, self-titled LP. The lead song, "We Can Stow Away the Sound Underground" is a tipsy nod to girlfriends of the past and drinks at the Wellington Pub in Broad Ripple mixed with late-nights at The Local in Atlanta. This sets the stage for the constant theme of geography, or “place." From the sunset shot of Manhattan on the album cover, to the west coast on "I Will Always Be Your Man," there’s a a sense of searching, of travel, of regrets, of forgetting. "Oh, Angelina!" takes us to Austin, "Eleanor" takes us to NY, while "The Kids on Blake" spends a few rainy nights in East Atlanta staying up late and trying to get some sleep.

The Sunset District came into existence out of necessity. Not so much for the survival of the human race or anything, but more for the sanity of one, John McNicholas. Keeping a band together is hard work and it involves much gnashing of teeth and puling of hair. So, what better idea than to put together a collective of awesome friends who just so happen to be talented musicians. Songs were written. Songs were recorded, and what we’re all here to celebrate is the first proper release of 11 songs that make up the debut, self-titled release, The Sunset District. The Sunset District features the talents of John McNicholas (Spiller/The Good Graces), Marco Corales (Silent and Listen/The Dutch Angle), Elizabeth Elkins (Mama’s Blue Dress/The Swear/ Granville Automatic), Jim Combs (Sensitive Chaos/The Good Graces), Martin Rice (Dank), Jenn Downs (Superpill) and at times many others. The new record will be available on limited-edition 12” clear, and transparent yellow viny LP, CD, and digital downloads on all major online stores. It was recorded and engineered by Marco Corales.