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With hits like “Dream Girl” and “Young Blood”, Provo native rock quartet The Solarists have developed a sound and fan base much bigger than their local indie britches. In 2015, childhood friends Clint Purser (bass/sax/lead vocals), Nate Wall (lead guitar/vocals) and Justin Dunkley (drums) took on the Utah music scene, adding Kaua Sprout (rhythm guitar/vocals) months later. The Solarists woke up their sleepy college town with a healthy mix of aggressive alt-rock, catchy pop melodies and bright, indie precision. Inspired by alternative heroes “Young the Giant” and indie darlings “Hippo Campus,” these alleged Free Masons have toured throughout the rockies and the western states, spreading their notoriety and giving crowds an undeniably fun time. After the success of their debut EP “Strange Love” in 2016, the band anticipates a new album in late 2017.