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"Forgotten Songs" is a collection of five sonic drafts from 2013. Perfectionism is the single worst thing that can happen to an artist. I struggle with this and a staggering percent of my musical ideas don't get finished and usually sink into oblivion. I initially condemned these five pieces for not being good enough and abandoned them. Some time later, I listened to them and realized that even though being far from perfect and lacking in detail, they have a certain distinct character. I conceived that those imperfections, errors and rawness are what makes art appealing. We don't want things to be perfect. Listen to a sine wave alone, which is a "perfect" sound as it contains only a single frequency without any overtones. It sounds boring. I decided to add a quick fresh touch to some of the tracks, while preserving their characters and even original titles and release them. This way I disburdened myself by having "finished" those tracks, as well as gave up the need of perfection.Visual art by Bajgreta