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Confetti Lyrics (The Simple Parade Theme Song)

Wake up early catch the sunrise

And then later watch it fall

Look up at the moons reflection

See diamonds sparkle, count them all

Pursue autumns changing colors

Warmth of the sun in late July

Chase the snowflakes during winter

And during spring watch hatchlings fly


Watch confetti blow skyward

Enjoy the simple thrills of your parade

A moment is a moment so you better not postpone it

Don’t let these blissful moments slip away, don’t let them go

Remember joys of your childhood

Laugh at yourself while in your teens

What is the point of life experience

If you’re not sure what it means?

Smile at awkwardness on first dates

Use your guitar to serenade

Value happiness in true love

Even if it comes delayed…


Say hello to a new neighbor,

Say goodbye to an old friend

Life is full of beginnings,

But it also sees its ends