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The Silks don’t mess around when it comes to playing live. At the point where most bands are winding down their sets, The Silks are just getting started. As singer Tyler-James Kelly proclaims on the blistering “All Day,” -- “Don’t try and keep up, you’ll only get head in a spin, you’re looking like you’re ‘bout to call it a night, I’m just getting my fourth wind.”

Late last year, The Silks paid a special trip to the subterranean lair known as The Fallout Shelter, home to the Extended Play Sessions. The hard-charging power trio plugged in and cranked out a blistering set of blues-based rock and roll.

The show was recorded and is now being released as the band’s first live album. The set included highlights from the band’s two studio releases, 2016’s Turn Me On and 2013’s Last American Band and songs that ranged from the blistering “Live and Learn” to the guitar-picking blues of fan favorite “Mean Ol’ Woman.”

This special sampler ep includes two tracks from the new live album along with a pair of tracks from the band’s earlier studio releases.